Box frame photographs

"like a canvas ... only better..."

We are often asked at fairs and shows about providing larger scale versions of our images. in 2009 we discovered a local company which manufactures gallery wrapped box framed prints. We were impressed with the quality of these products, and began offering a small selection at our shows. Customer reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and we have gradually increased the range, offering larger and smaller sizes, and a wider range of images. We offer limited edition prints as box frames in four face sizes up to 45inches by 29inches. 

Why boxed frame prints?

Photo of a large size box framed print2306-box-frame


We chose these box framed prints because they offer:

  • larger scale presentation of our photographs
  • superb print quality - none of the detail in the image is lost as it is in the texture of a canvas print
  • stylish presentation on your wall, with no visible fittings and a clean modern appearance
  • top quality finish - the print face is absolutely flat, and corners are sharp and crisp.

How are these prints presented?

galley wrapped box frame print photo2314-gallery-wrap

Gallery wrapped - the image continues around the sides of the box frame

superb finish of box frame prints2320-back

Superbly finished throughout

Sharp square corners of box frame print2325-corner

Sharp corners with no double layers or untidy finishes

paul heaton signature on box frame print2331-signature

Discretely signed and numbered

The prints are laminated so they have a protective wipe clean surface. Prints up to 36 inches by 24 inches have a 25mm wrap and prints above that size have a 40mm wrap.