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Created 10-Jan-13
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Photographs of Wharfedale by Paul Heaton.
Cow and Calf Rocks ICow and Calf Rocks IIBluebells in Middleton WoodsStar trails over Almscliffe CragAutumn at Bolton Priory, WharfedaleCray Gill Waterfalls, WharfedaleWinter in Upper WharfedaleAutumn View of Strid Wood, WharfedaleBluebell Woods near Ilkley, WharfedalBarden Bridge, WharfedaleSmooth as Strid II - WharfedaleBolton Priory, WharfedaleAutumn Beech tree: Swinsty ReservoirSmooth as Strid I - WharfedaleKettlewell and WharfedaleIlkley Moor WaterfallBluebell Woods near Ilkley, WharfedaleAutumn Beech Woods at Otley Chevin, Lower WharfedaleLinton FallsBurnsall, Wharfedale, North Yorkshire

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