One-to-One Photography Tuition

There is no better way to improve your landscape photography than a one-to one tuition day with an experienced tutor in superb locations.

Book a photography tuition day with Paul Heaton to help move your photography to the next level. Our 8 hour long sessions are completely flexible to meet your needs. We will plan the session based on your experience and objectives and tailor the itinerary to suit you. Our client have had widely varying levels of knowledge and experience from beginners wanting to learn how to switch from the full auto mode on their camera to experienced DSLR users.

Shooting sunsetShooting sunsetshooting sunset at Snettisham beach Norfolk


What you can learn?

Depending on your preferences the topics covered on the tuition day could include:

* Controlling aperture and shutter speed in aperture priority mode

* Composing a landscape picture

* Working a location

* Depth of field

* Focusing

* Avoiding camera shake

* Using a tripod for landscape photography

* Using neutral density, graduated and polarising filters

* Exposure compensation

* Planning a shoot

Clients can use Paul's professional quality tripod and a selection of filters during the day if they do not have their own. This can also help clients to decide whether an investment in these items would help them develop their own photography.

You can see examples of the locations visited by clients, and the quality of the images they produced in the following posts from our blog: Magnificent Malham: Limestone and Waterfall One-to-One and A Recent one-to-One session.

Where you will go?

There are hundreds of superb photographic locations across Yorkshire. Our tuition days will take in a selection of these locations depending on what you want to achieve from the day. Places visited could include:

* Malham

Superb limestone scenery, Janet's Foss waterfall, Gordale Scar, Malham Cove and Malham Tarn.

Malham Tuition photosMalham Tuition photossample photos taken during tuition session at Malham

* The Yorkshire Coast

Attractive towns and villages, impressive sea cliffs and coastal views.

Yorkshire Coast tuition photosYorkshire Coast tuition photosYorkshire Coast tuition photos

* Wensleydale countryside and waterfalls

Superb countryside in the Yorkshire Dales National park with many attractive waterfalls.

Wensleydale one-to-one photosWensleydale one-to-one photosWensleydale one-to-one photos

* Swaledale meadows and landscapes

Dales field barns, valley and moorland views, .

Swaledale tuition photosSwaledale tuition photosSwaledale tuition photos  

* Bolton Abbey and Strid Woods

Medieval Abbey, ancient woodland, The Strid and attractive countryside.

Bolton Priory tuition photosBolton Priory tuition photosBolton priory tuition photos

When do sessions take place?

The one-to-one tuition day is arranged on a date to suit you. Most sessions take place on weekdays, as Paul is often exhibitiing his photographs at shows at weekends. In the Winter, when days are short the tuition days are timed to take in both a sunrise and sunset. In Summer, the sessions normally start early (before sunrise), and finish around mid afternoon, or start around lunchtime, and finish after sunset. Session timing is completely flexible and discussed and agreed with the client.

How fit do I need to be to attend a session?

If the participant has any mobility restriction, these are taken into account in planning the day. there are many attractive locations that are closely vehicle accessible, although the final approach may be over somewhat rough paths. For those who are without mobility restrictions, a greater range of locations are available, and the day will be planned with a combination of vehicle and walking transfers between locations depending on distance and the availability of parking.

What it will cost?

Our One-to-one tuition days cost £195. 

We are also able to offer one-to two tuition days for £250, and  one-to-three tuition days for £290.

We offer gift cards if you wish to purchase all or part of a tuition day for somebody. You can select any of the images on our website to be made into a personalised gift card for your recipient. Gift cards are non-refundable. Cards are normally valid for one year except cards purchased at Christmas shows which are valid for the whole of the following calendar year.

Can you answer any other questions I have?

Of course. Simply telephone 01937 529613 or 07857 439 450, or e-mail ([email protected]) and will be happy to provide any additional information you require.

Sounds good, how do I buy my one-to one tuition day?

please contact us by e-mail ([email protected])or phone (01937-529613 or 07857 439 450) to book a suitable date for your one-to-one tuition. Tuition normally takes place between Monday and Friday, as Paul Heaton is often involved in shows at weekends.

Payment for tuition can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card or via Paypal.

We will send you a booking form, which requests information about your equipment, experience and what you would like to achieve from your tuition day. If required, we will arrange an appropriate gift card to be sent to you. We will also provide a list of things to bring on the day itself. 


A truly great introduction into photography. Paul's session planning and thoughtful way of teaching provided a great experience to learn the functionality of my camera and the process of taking photographs.

- James

We both learnt a huge amount about how to better use SLR’s and create better landscape pictures.

-Ian & Rachael

Very good and well worth the money.

- Lorraine

Would recommend this to anyone, and already have. The feedback from friends and family on images taken during the day are amazing.

- Colin

Paul allowed me to set up shots and advised me on techniques to use and how, by slight adjustment, the image can be improved

- Colin

Really loved the tuition and the way Paul used his knowledge to improve my pictures and point of view.

- Carlo

Improving composition was very important to me. I am often impatient. I learned to take some time, look better, and try several positions before making the final pictures.

- Bram

The locations were brilliant. As well as being a great day out walking around Bolton Abbey, all the locations provided a great variety of photo opportunities with different ways to use the camera.